Want to spend less time parking so you can focus on the festival experience? Consider carpooling with other attendees or using ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

Parking Options for Hayti Heritage Film Festival Attendees:

1. Hayti Parking Lot on Fayetteville Street – can be accessed from Fayetteville or Lakewood Streets

2. Lakewood Street on RIGHT side only (the side next to the Hayti Heritage Center)

3. Old* Fayetteville Street (The back side of the Hayti Heritage Center)

4. Overflow parking at the Carolina Times Newspaper lot, located on Old* Fayetteville Street Near the Hayti Heritage Center

5. Phoenix Shopping Center (Diagonally across from the Hayti Heritage Center, on Lakewood)

*Note that Old Fayetteville Street is a different road than Fayetteville Street


Parking Map